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C.C. Hogan

On the Dragons of Dirt

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It might surprise people to know that even before I wrote the first series of Dirt, I planned out all three series, plus various short stories and stand-alone books; I have even written the last page.  But obviously, I did not plan every detail, just the general plot, and for series two, I took note of a few comments I had received from series one.  Well, the comments that made any sense.  One of those was about the dragons.  “Can we have more of them, please?”  Of course you can.

Be-Elin and SIlvi flying over Bind
Be-Elin and Silvi flying over Bind

I am not really giving away the plot by telling you that in my story dragons are not just interesting but are vital to the health of the world of Dirt.  In series one, I did not go into any great detail about the lives of dragons, only enough so that it was clear that these are not the dragons of any other famous dragon-based tales.  I left the extra information to articles on my A World Called Dirt website.  For instance, see the general article on dragons, or the writings by the sea dragon Fren-Eirol.  Series Two has given me the opportunity to present dragons in much more detail, and for readers to see them as the believable characters I hope they are.  They are the stars of the show, after all.

I am not going to reveal the story of series two here, you will have to read that yourself starting with Girls of Dirt, but I am going to talk about their importance and what has changed over thousands of years.

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