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Blogs and Useful Websites

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Some websites that you might like or maybe useful.

Just thought I would put down some random websites that I have found that I like. 

I am avoiding any sites selling self promotion in exchange for giving them money for self promoting themselves. Also, avoiding those selling twitter followers, or anything else which leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

If you think I should list a site, tell me on Twitter by following me or something.

Tome Tender

Dianne reads and reviews countless books and posts them on her blog and on Goodreads and Amazon.  She is lovely lady, a bright soul and a fair, honest reviewer.  Go visit and read!

Bookaholic confessions

Lady called Holly who likes reading and reviewing. 

Nice, non-commercial website - I like this sort of thing.


Huge community of writers and readers - long established and now usefully owned and linked to Amazon.  Lots of advice as to how to write, what to read, and general gibberish.

Alaina Stanford

I have to admit that I haven't read her books yet, but she has a nice website - aspiring authors take note!

E. M Kaplan

I am reading one of her books at the moment.

Just one of those nice author people out there.

Autumn Writing

Website and blog of Autumn M. Birt - lovely lady with interesting ideas and an interesting blog

Smart Words

Great resource for writers who are stuck for another way to say something is beautiful, or happy or just need some basic world help!

Clive Eaton

Great site from this writer and photographer.  He gives room to lots of other authors too, which is very civilised of him!

Nat Russo

Successful author Russo is also a fierce blogger and has written plenty of articles about writing that are worth a read:

J. M. Maurer

Nice lady this, and I say that quite genuinely from a really, really short online conversation.  However, she also does the odd author interview on her blog.  Something I think I should consider doing, perhaps.  Here is her blog:

Diana Peach - Myths of the Mirror

Diana's site gives more information about her books but also includes several interesting posts on writing, character development and other useful bits and pieces.

Bound 4 Escape

A great site stuffed with reviews and other information by a woman absolutely addicted to books of all kinds.

Sleepygirl's Used Books

By the same person who writes Bound 4 Escape, Sleepygirl is and online and bricks and mortar books store dealing with used books.  Following the store in Missouri being flattened by a tornado in 2011 they have rebuilt the business and now have a second store in Kansas.  Well worth a rummage.

Book Marketing tips from Alan Black

Actually, there is a lot more to the site, like reviews and his own books, but I have picked this page because it is really useful!

James Minter

Interesting chap this.  He was in IT for many years but has turned his hand to writing.  As an additional twist, he has used his sense of humour to write some books that, through fiction, raise the awareness of Haemochromatosis.  So, good cause and good writing all in one!


This is a Croatian educational literary website that includes reviews, news and much more about both Croatian and international books. The site is multilingual, sort of, but is well worth a read.  They are also involved with a project to put books on the shelves of a new student library at Novo Cice.

Adam Maxwell

A long established author with a really nice looking site.  Apart from the odd writing prompt, you can download free The Witch with the Glitch and Dial M for Monkey.  Check it out

Andy Futuro

Andy writes speculative fiction and his main outing is a book called No Dogs in Philly, which is available free on Barnes & Noble and other suppliers, as well as some regions of Amazon.

Veronica Sicoe

Aside from promoting her Ascendancy Trilogy, this site is full of useful information about writing and publishing and is well worth digging into. The fact that she has red hair as does some of my main characters had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to include the link!

David P Perlmutter

Interesting chap.  Writer of the books Wrong Place Wrong Time, My Way, an advice book about writing, and , Five Weeks, he decided to post on Linkedin saying if anyone wanted to be linked on his blog, then to let him know. And he was true to his word. I like authors who like authors.

Read Freely

A resource listing free and discounted Kindle Books.  it is free for authors to list their books and they run a newsletter too, as well as author interviews.

The Notebook Blogairy

A lady known as Rochelle who loves to write, loves to read and loves to share with others. Undeniably unselfish for an author, I must say!  She is also a fan of Ernest Hemingway, which is definitely a good thing.

Free Online Novels

A wonderful and recommended service by the obviously very, very nice Jennifer L. Armstrong. Her little service is simple. She lists links to free novels to any author that asks nicely. She won't list anything porn-shaped, which is good or she would get deluged by rubbish, and the novel MUST be free and available without registration. So, Smashwords good, Amazon not good.  Very valuable resource for us indie people.

Renee's Author Spotlight

This lady might have ended up on this page simply by having a great name. Renee Scattergood is an author who also runs author/book spotlights on a couple of blogs for free. She gets pretty booked up, but is very helpful.  Nice to read what other struggling writers are up to as well.


A great promo site run by a lady in the UK. She puts up author interviews and is really keen to help other authors in anyway she can.  Worth checking out and following too.

How to set up a Wix Website

An in-depth article going through all the ins and outs. Might be useful if you are new to Wix.  Contains affiliate links.



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