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C.C. Hogan

I was called cute today

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I was called cute today

I was called cute today
By someone unexpected
She is very nice, full of fun
And I can talk so easily with her I think
It was just a casual note
A comment from thin air
Not something normally aimed my way
But it hit its target, and I smiled

She called me cute today
When we were talking over a burger
Stood by a food wagon in a car park.
I can't think now what I said
For the talk was hardly heavy
Chatting about writing or age
She is young and I am not
But then the comment came, and I smiled

I wonder why she said I am cute today?
She is someone I have seen off and on.
Always in the same place
At the wagon in the car park.
I don’t know her name but
We talk about aspiration and reading
She wants to read more, but works several jobs
Cleaning, cooking, selling.  Clever girl; makes me smile

"Well I think you're cute," she said today
Those were the actual words
They fit me most uneasily, I think. 
I am older, fat, hairy, greying
But I wear a big hat and a stupid smile.
And today, for the length of five words
The sun came out, the day grew warm
And the words hit their target, and I smiled.

The Burger Girl

Sweet eyes
Little frown
Puzzling out 
The people of the town
Flipping burgers
Day time snacks
What do they think
When they turn their backs?

Do they remember
Her beautiful eyes
Her little smile
As she serves them fries?
Or is all she is
Just a moment in their day
When they hand over money
To chomp on the hay?

Sweetest eyes
Looking down
From your burger throne
At the plebs of the town
Flip their orders
And smile inside
Cos you are better than they
By a mile so wide


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