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C.C. Hogan

C.C. Hogan - Author

Deep in the Dark Forest Podcast

I have launched a new podcast telling stories. Some are new adaptations of famous old tales from the Brothers Grimm and many others, some are long forgotten tales, and I hope new tales from new writers. And it has its own website!


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Even Sea Serpents can be Adorable

Some creatures just fall into the Monster category. Thanks to the ancients, sea serpents are one such. But why should they be monsters? Our largest sea creature isn't...

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My Audiobook Template for Cubase

This is a rundown of the template I have created for audiobook narration. I also use it for my podcast stories and other general voice work. Sorry, no download, but hopefully there is enough here for your to create your own variation.

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The Screaming Dead

Is this Heaven or is this Hell? Wherever this is, the recently deceased Sam has only one thing on his mind: To find his dead twin. But first he must beat the Great Cremator.

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Annie and the Ripper

Annie Oakley was thrilling the audiences of London with her wonderful sharp-shooting skills. But meanwhile, Jack was taking another victim. A wonderful speculative story on audiobook

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Where is my Unicorn Story?

I have teased about my unicorn story a couple of times, but where has it gone? Well, do not fear, it is still going strong. It has just got little out of hand....

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Aldair by Neal Barrett Jnr

The Aldair Series by Neal Barrett Jnr was a brilliant sci-fi journey written in the 1970s.

Set on a future earth where humans seem to have become extinct, it follows the story of Aldair, a man with the features of a pig, as he discovers the terrible truth about the world and how the creatures came to be.

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You shouldn't use compression to solve your bad voice presentation

For the sound engineer, there is one stand out difference between an amateur voice-over and a professional. The professional doesn't need so much compression when processing the recording.

The reason is simple - voice control.

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Lost in Tokyo

A wonderful, honest, and moving memoir from Garett Wilson as he tells the story of his first year working as an assistant language teacher in a Japanese junior high school.

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What am I?

Who am I

What are these labels?

Are they me?

A poem

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The Doomsayer Journeys by Steve Wetherell

A brilliant comedy sci-fi series bought to idiotic life by CC Hogan. This has been fun, not just work!

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The Fox and the Dove

A short story told by the Bard Instio to the young heroes of Aelwen Jones and the Svarttrol Army - my latest, yet-to-be-released fantasy.

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Surviving Mr Dickens

I am currently recording Oliver Twist. I love working with the words of Dickens. His characters are completely over the top, his writing is sarcastic and meaningful, and his stories are perfect.

But they didn't have professional narrators and studios in the 19th Century, and sometimes his incredibly long sentences floor me. This is about one of them.

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Listen to the Dirt Fantasy Saga

Listen to the incredible world of Johnson Farthing, the dragons. the magician Weasel and all the other characters from Dirt on the new audiobook series. Start with book one, Dirt. Get it free with an audiobook trial.

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The Witch and The Bear

Witches aren't all bad, and when one particular witch called Buttercup the Small comes home after a long night driving off bad spirits, she is in for a bit of a surprise!

A story for All Hallows Eve, perhaps, and for smaller people especially!

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Series One & Two are out now!

Start series one with Dirt for Free, and start reading the brand new series two with Girls of Dirt for only 99p!

Girls of Dirt includes a recap of series one.

Get it now at the Dirt website

The Stink Is Here

North London, 1976. The longest, hottest summer on record. The water is running out and the kids hate their parents. Which bunch of idiots would think it is a good idea to start a band?

The Stink

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