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C.C. Hogan

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Improving OneNote

In the last year or so, Microsoft has stopped development on their desktop OneNote and has moved development to their Windows 10 version. This version look and works much like their App and Web version, which I understand. But in doing that, they have emasculated it.

Following a Tweet I made, they have asked me to say what they can do to improve. Well, they asked for it...

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Hosting your author website

I have talked before about using Processwire or other content management systems, but what about hosting your website? Should you pay? Should you do something clever?

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My Favourite Wine Glass - A Eulogy

My favourite wine glass is, quite possibly, unexpected. It doesn't look much like a wine glass, it does not have the traditional properties of a wine glass, perhaps, and it will not be found on the shelf marked "Wine Glasses" at the shop that sells such things.

Yet, it is a glass and you can put wine in it. Ergo: it is a wine glass. To me at least.

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Luscious Lamb Kebab with Chickpeas

Nothing like a really nice lamb kebab. This one is wrapped in my own, soft flatbread and served with sauteed chickpeas.

Very slightly Indian in flavour, but gentle on the soul.

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Loverly Flat Bread

Flatbread comes in all shapes and sizes, though I admit that being flat is probably a given. It is something I knock up from time to time, cook in a pan and then freeze. It warms up easily and it useful to have kicking around.

My preferred version is a leavened bread that owes a lot to the naan - it has yoghurt in it. I often do this without measuring anything, so I had to dig around in my archives for this recipe.

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Chicken sort of Italian

Sort of Italian? Well, it is one of those things, isn't it? I have cooked it in a vaguely Italian way, but it has Spanish Chorizo in it and Greek olive oil. I suppose if I were Italian, I could be more positive about it, but I ain't!

So, it is Mediterranean influenced and leaning towards Italy - more or less. Nice though!

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Sea Bass or Bream grilled with delicate Thai spices

There is something about East Asian cooking, and Thai cooking in particular, that is light and fresh and seriously good!

I think it is that they use less heavy dry spices than the Indians, and that some of their recipes are very light-touch. So, here you go; my twist on the good old Sea Bass.

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Hogan's Baked Beans

Why would you go to the bother of making your own baked beans when you can by them by the tin load? Well, to be honest, that is exactly the reason to make your own.

Tinned beans are fine, but when you make your own, you get something that is on a far better level and you can choose your bean.

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Hogan's Best Ever Chicken Curry

We are always so rushed to do everything, but just occasionally, it is nice to spend time doing something slowly, lovingly, and selfishly!

This here is my best ever chicken curry. It is very, very Indian and there is not a hope you will find this in an Indian Restaurant. So if you want this perfumed beauty, then you will have to put some time aside to make it for yourself. (Or if you are blonde and gorgeous, pop round and I will cook it for you!)

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My Kleftiko Lamb Shanks

Kleftiko is one of those dishes that is famously Greek, but also says much about how much lamb is loved by all of the region and right across the Middle East.

This is my take on the recipe, given a little extra spiciness and warmth.

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Tender Pig Cheeks braised with Pancetta

We get so used to the "chop" that it is easy to forget that there are some other rather nice bits of our favourite bit of pork and are lovely and, in this case, good value too.

Pig cheeks are one such item, especially braised in sherry with fried pancetta.

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Spicy Chicken with a chickpea and aubergine hot salad

This is a lot of fun and a great family dinner, but it is also dead easy to make.

Chicken, marinated in spices and then roasted off and then served with roasted aubergine and chickpeas hot salad. Healthy, tasty and yummy. Got it? Read on...

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Drunken Roast Shoulder of Lamb

Roast lamb, roast spuds, peas and mint sauce is good, reliable English Sunday fare. But as much as I like it, I sometimes think it needs just a little twist - not much, just enough to add a little surprise to the table.

In this case, I served it with mashed potatoes and Curly Kale, which soaks up the ale brilliantly!

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Pancake Day - don't buy instant, make your own!

Please! Why?

Making pancakes or crêpes is so easy, why would you want to go and buy a ghastly mix from your local supermarket! If any food should be banned (along with gravy granules) it is pancake mix powder and bottled lemon juice. No, roll your sleeves up, buy some milk and eggs and make your own. Much better.

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The Stink Is Here

North London, 1976. The longest, hottest summer on record. The water is running out and the kids hate their parents. Which bunch of idiots would think it is a good idea to start a band?

The Stink

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