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C.C. Hogan

Food and Stuff

I love dahl and rice

Dahl and Rice is one of those staples that got me through many years of living on my own, whether I had money or not at the time. It is cheap, wholesome and completely and utterly delicious, and so easy to make.

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Super Fast Spicy Tuna Omelette

This spicy, smoky omelette is dead fast to cook and makes the perfect lunch. It is a warm, stimulating experience and dead useful when you have ordered too many eggs!

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Quick and Rough Piri-Piri Chicken

This is not a totally authentic Piri-Piri recipe, but it is easy, hot, spicy and fun.

This is the kind of meal that you want to pile up on a platter with loads of sweet corn and jugs of beer.

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Creating my book websites with Processwire

I have three little websites. This one, A world Called Dirt and The Stink Books. All three are created using a CMS called Processwire. So why did I go this route, and not use Wordpress, Blogger or something else?

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Snuggle up with home made Bread

The smell of hot bread, cooking gently on wire racks on a big pine table it quite simply timeless. It should be part of modern society as much as it was part of ancient times and we should all do it as often as possible.

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Delicious Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream is about the easiest of all ice-creams to make. It does not require making a custard first, it is light and refreshing, and you really cannot buy ice cream that comes anywhere close.

And, lets face it, it will get you very good friends!

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Comforting Lentil Soup

Very seasonal! Nothing better on a blustery day than to warm up your little tummy with a big bowl of thick, spicy soup.

This is a nice easy one. Cheap too!

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Smoked Haddock and Cabbage with ginger and lemongrass

Oh, the subtlety of Atlantic fish. This is a gentle but warming dish for those who do not want to get stuffed, but want a rich taste to last the evening. It only takes about ten minutes to prepare and 20 to 30 minutes to cook and so is ideal for a working day.

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The joy of Salt Beef

A small collection of village folk arrived at the residence today for a luncheon. Well, in my own way, I felt this middle-class English band could do with some good, honest Jewish sustenance, so Salt Beef would be the main event.

Oh, wicket atheist I. But the beef was wonderful!

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Creating my own short URLs

Short URLs have become more and more popular on the very basic premise that they take up less room and, in some cases, are easier to remember.

Recently, I decided to go one step forward and create my own short urls for my own private use. Here is how.

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Series One & Two are out now!

Start series one with Dirt for Free, and start reading the brand new series two with Girls of Dirt for only 99p!

Girls of Dirt includes a recap of series one.

Get it now at the Dirt website

The Stink Is Here

North London, 1976. The longest, hottest summer on record. The water is running out and the kids hate their parents. Which bunch of idiots would think it is a good idea to start a band?

The Stink

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