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C.C. Hogan

Delicious Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream

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You have to smile while making this.

Summer is here! Okay, so possibly not, but when someone puts really fresh home made ice cream under your nose, it is easy to believe it is, and that is half the battle.

Strawberry Ice Cream is about the easiest of all ice-creams to make. It does not require making a custard first, it is light and refreshing, and you really cannot buy ice cream that comes anywhere close.

You do need an ice-cream maker, but it only needs to be a simple one that you can find easily for under 20 pounds from Amazon.

So, on to the recipe and lets go for tummy loving!


  • 8 to 10 large strawberries
  • 80 grams caster sugar
  • 2 large egg yokes
  • 1 tbs orange juice
  • 100 ml semi skimmed milk
  • 150 ml double cream


  1. Clean and de-stalk the strawberries then put in a blender with the milk and the orange juice to get a smooth purée.
  2. Beat the double cream till stiff
  3. Beat the egg yokes with the sugar till you get a pale cream.
  4. Combine all the above with a whisk, stirring till they are well mixed – make sure there are no large lumps of cream!
  5. Turn on the ice-cream maker and pour in the mixture. Mix for up to 40 minutes till frozen.

Store in a freezer, but let it stand at room temperature for about ten minutes before serving.  I know that is really difficult, but honestly, it tastes a lot better like that.

You can add other fruit like raspberries to the mix, and even add very small bits of chopped strawberry which will create small icy fruity bits!  I also sometimes layer this up, pouring tempered plane chocolate between the layers where it forms into very thin sheets and then make a cake out of it topped with beaten double cream.

Still with me? Hello? You all right?



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