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C.C. Hogan

Food and Stuff

Fried Mushrooms on Toast for Lunch

Sometimes it is the absolute basics, the very simplest of ingredients that can fool us the most; to the point where we can neglect them altogether.

The humble, mass-produced, closed cup mushroom is one such beast, and yet, treated nicely and served on toast... wonderful!

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Festive Apple, Orange and Ginger Pies

I find mince pies at Christmas, so this dead easy recipe is for an apple, orange and ginger pie that is light, delicious and still full of the holiday season. Actually, I can eat these all year around.

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Fall Apart Slow-Cooked Pork Ribs

I like to have a nice chunky, chewy rib to get my teeth into, but at other times, ultra tender, falling apart, rich ribs are exactly what I want.

These cook for hours and are irresistible!

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The Hogan Omelette

Yeah, I know, another omelette! But it is Sunday and that is often an eggy sort of day!

The Hogan Omelette is basically a Spanish Omelette (tortilla) with anything I have around shoved in it, plus potato and fresh chilli. Beat on, my son!

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Oh so easy Funghi with Linguine

This is so simple that I am getting a fit of the guilts just by even suggesting I tell you how to make this.

Still what is the point of internet vanity if we do not exercise it from time to time. So, read on...

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Venison Stew with Champ and Mushy Peas

A simple recipe for a rich wonder. This stew is perfect for an evening with friends round a table, especially served up with a rich, red wine and plenty of laughter.

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Versatile Dough Balls

If you are a lover of Pizza Express in Europe, or good old home cooking, then one way or another, you will know dough balls.

Really, they are just little buns, but cooked as part of a stew, they become something magical!

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Creating a single template blog with Processwire and Hanna Code

This is a bit of fun, really and not a complete tutorial - I do not have the energy. With Processwire and the Hanna Code textformatter plugin, it is theoretically possible to create a complex blog structure with just one simple template.

Really? Well, yeah!

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Outrageous Steak and Kidney with Cider

Occasionally you have to just say "I am not going to take it any more," or some such rubbish and just think out of the box. Or in this case, out of the bottle; the cider bottle. You know how it goes, one glass for me, one for the pud...

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Pasta al Forno - Italy on a Plate

Oh, come on! If you don't like baked pasta, then what you been doing all this time? Pasta al Forno is so Italian is almost has the right colours.

A true family dish that is a favourite. Simple and delicious

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Rich Tomato Soup with Chorizo

There is something about a certain famous tomato soup that people love. However, if they have never tried a home made tomato soup, with the larder thrown at it, then they are missing out.

This is one of my favourite recipes. Well, it would be; it is one of mine!

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Roasted Pheasant with Bread Sauce

Since the butcher had a pheasant going cheap (no, really), it would have been churlish not to take it off his hands and do something simply traditional with it. So I did.

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I love dahl and rice

Dahl and Rice is one of those staples that got me through many years of living on my own, whether I had money or not at the time. It is cheap, wholesome and completely and utterly delicious, and so easy to make.

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Super Fast Spicy Tuna Omelette

This spicy, smoky omelette is dead fast to cook and makes the perfect lunch. It is a warm, stimulating experience and dead useful when you have ordered too many eggs!

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