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C.C. Hogan

It should not hurt

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I like writing the odd verse. 

As I write a character tonight, I realise I have filled her with a memory from my youth, an opportunity that I, as a stupid youngster, threw away.

Writing can creep up on you sometimes. So, here is a poem about my memory.

It should not hurt

It should not hurt
At my age to so
Dream of something
Of long ago

I should not ache
A tear to now cry
Because of want
For you, I sigh

I must not feel
A loss not now when
I look back for
Seeing you then

Oh loss of mine
Why did I tear and
Ruin my chances
Then in the sand

Why do I feel now
This pain and sorrow
From long ago
And need to know

It should not hurt
For I did no wrong
I loved you so
And for you I long

C.C. Hogan

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