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C.C. Hogan

Short Verses and Thoughts

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Morning has broken
Better go fix it
And then do some writing
And eat another biscuit

Darkness warms
Sensual shadows
Comforting, mine
To love with thee
And with thee entwine
Safe from war
And magic's harm

A finger drawn
Along a face
A morning smile
So full of grace
A sigh, a laugh
A moment soon
Of love to you
In our warm bedroom

So important to
Use the sense
We fear and through
The gentle feeling
So secure
Enjoy the other
And love them too

Don't be scared
Just look and dare
Yourself to peek
A little closer
And seek
The answer to your

Yep, it’s a boy rat.  Want one or two?

Hush, feel that? Go on!
It is the beat of my heart
As I learn of you

There's a dragon at my door
Looking rather sore
She says she's very hungry
Which is really quite a bore

She hung round my neck for a moment
It was all it took to claim me
Gathering me in with her arms
Never again to deny me

Bad dragon, sit still!
You want to be loved dear one?
Then stop puffing smoke!

Don't trick me maiden!
Skittering across my page,
With rage, fighting your lines
I invented thee, behave,
Or when your story I define,
I will deny you the lover you crave.
Hush now, tears are not for you
Brave maiden, sit still
For you know, little knave
This writer to you will be true.

Counting words
Is quite absurd
Counting letters
Is no better
But counting kisses
Never misses
This author's need
to Love not bleed

I love words
I love to feel
Them gently heal
My reality
I want words
As a mistress Fine
To wine and dine
And always love thee

You are miles away.
The room between us is filled
With hours of discord


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