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C.C. Hogan

Love Is?

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A collection of little poems that try to define single aspects of love.

This will grow as time goes on, so come back soon!

Love is awaking with a brush against my lips
A breath so deep
Oh, sweet love
She has kissed me in her sleep

Love is not crying before she
But weeping inside at each tear that flows
Into the glistening sea

Love is dozing in a field
Feeling you trying to thieve
The chocolate I have hidden
Up my sleeve

Love is lying in late
listening to the rain
Eyes closed
hearts synchronised
Both dreaming the same

I felt her hand touch lightly
Upon my shoulder slightly
The moment forever, quite divine
Even if she would never be mine

Go to sleep, my little love
I will wake you with the sun
With champagne, hugs and chocolate
Kisses, walks and fun

Big, tongue-slapping kiss says
Thanks for that, see you one day.
Small, little kisses say 
I don't want to go.... 

Love came in through the window light
Quiet as a cat who stole the night
Sat softly she on the edge of my chair
And ran her fingers through my hair

So hung over!
Romance is reduced
To mutual temple massages
No passion produced

I know that I have loved
I have the memories
Warm and soft
And so very good to me

I am unsure as we sleep
If her drooling on my shoulder
Is love true and deep

The moments breath
Before the kiss
Brushes lips to lips
Is the sweetest 

A brush of sunlight
Warm breath of love sated now
In our morn embrace

She whispered and smiled
And wrapped me in her song
And I held my breath
Listening for so long

All copyright C.C. Hogan

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