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C.C. Hogan

Forgetting - Poem

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If I forgot that it was morning
and the towering sky was arched over
and the sunlight that warmed was aching
and the leaves that sang still whispered
and the wind that stroked still howled
and the grass that touched still grew
and the flowers that stared still caressed
and the birds that drank still waited
and the fox that glanced still hunted
and the worm that died still fed
and the mouse that froze still wanted
and the walls that stopped still stood
and the rug that lay still smiled
and the clothes that fell still covered
and the sheets that wrapped still wrinkled
and the skin that held still trembled
and the face that rested still slept
and the lips that touched still parted
and the breath that soothed still warmed
and the song that murmured still cried
and the moment that pained still needed
and the night that passed still echoed
and the touch that sated still called
and the voice that possessed still beckoned
and the joy that shocked still comforted
and the words that promised still held

and if I forgot everything
and I knew nothing
and I started again
and I saw the day anew
and I watched the morning smile
and I felt the sun open the day

Would you still be here?

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