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C.C. Hogan

I Slept On The Floor - A Poem

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Sometimes the deepest, most personal and intimate moments remain the most innocent.

There are a few times in my life when I have felt so close to someone that if the situation had been different, something more would have happened.  But it was the wrong moment, or the wrong setting or just seemed the wrong thing to do.  Even if it was the right person.

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A smile that waited
With soft breath held so,
Anxious with expectation
To please an English guest
Who would sleep on the floor.

A city so bright,
A changing picture,
Greeting me with new friendship,
Met me at the airport
Knowing I would sleep on the floor.

So sorry my room
It is small and cold,
I have made it so that you
Can use the bed not I.
No, I will sleep on the floor.

So many faces,
All love her for years,
Meet my new friend from London!
All the way here, for you?
A friend, and I will sleep on the floor.

Did you know she?
And then she did that?
And wasn't that so her, yes?
You know her well, so soon!
I insist, I will sleep on the floor.

Just two, the menu?
This is posh, not me!
I like posh, sharing with you,
I don't tell her, just smile,
And I will sleep on the floor

The old theatre, half dead,
Music and shadows,
But fun and we laugh and then
We walk the city night,
And I lay awake on the floor

Morning cold and yawns,
Back ache? Sit and talk?
On the bed, so innocent,
So beautiful she,
But I had stayed on the floor

The gate again, no smile?
I am going now.
Fly home, hold hands, say goodbye,
The town and the girl wave.

And I had slept on the floor,
Though my heart ached for more.


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