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C.C. Hogan

More little verses

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A small selection of short verses and poems, some of them posted on Twitter at some point.

I quite enjoy writing odd thoughts like these; it gets my brain going, makes me stop and think and generally is rather fun.

The Happy Girl

"May I?" Asked the author
Leaning on his quill
"Of course," said the girl.
"Will I be pretty still?"
"You will," said the writer
A chuckle on his face,
"For you know I'll always love you,"
And he drew a smiley face.

The girl sat down and watched him
As he wrote another line
And she nodded, happy now
That all would now be fine
"There girl," said the author
As he closed the book with laughter
"See, you went and won the day
And lived happily ever after"

Blue Sky

Good morning Blue Sky!
Can I ask you Why
You make me want to Fly
And Cry
With joy?


Love is dozing in a field
Feeling you trying to thieve
The chocolate I have hidden
Up my sleeve

The Bird

I care not she snores
When she lays on my chest I
Hear a nightingale

The Dance

Go on, kiss me
Just a little?
But I do love you!
Alright, but stop treading on my toes.


Can you sing? asked the girl.
A little, said I.
Will you sing for me?
If you give me a song
And if I give you a kiss?
Then I will sing louder
And if I give you my love?
I will write you an opera.


It is night in my mind
But it is not dark
It is safe and and divine
And lit with a spark


Are You smiling girl?
It is a dream this moment
That I will keep safe

The Gardener

A growl, a roar
He makes a score
Against, the grass and more
He devours in strips
before he dips
into my purse.
I curse
My ragged gardener

Best Friend

A best friend
Knows your heart
And when you start
To bleed
Will seed
And nurture
Your joyful future


Hey girl
Before you wake and touch the day
Remember when we made hay
In the summer sun as evening
Came and chased us home
Only to be alone


When the sun shines
I will write in the garden under the trees
Telling my stories to the wind and the bees


Kissing. What is it for?
Taste? Excitement?
A message perhaps
Or an idle thought.
No, silly.
Kissing is for you
And for me...


If each word means something more
Than you may ken
When you read each one
Know I loved to write them


Piffle! Pish! Horsepoo! Blear!
I'm on a mission not to swear
But trying it is when but oh
I miss my step and stub my toe!


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