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C.C. Hogan


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I think the term tomboy does little to explain the joy of the girl who just likes to "go for it!"

I remember a friend when I was in my late teens who was regarded as a bit of a tomboy.  She was so little understood by both girls and boys of our age group, and yet she was far more "female" if you like than anyone else I knew; sexier too.  She just liked climbing trees.


Who are you?
Scampering up beside me
Matching branch for branch
Dare for dare
Aiming for the sky!
Such a mate,
A friend who smiles
Like a soldier
But I know you better!
As we climb the tree
I see your ploy,
I see your beautiful shape,
Your wishes and desires.
"Such a Tomboy!"
They accuse, but know nothing
Of my tree climbing pal.
Boys think you pretend,
Want to be "just like us."
Girls think you mad!
"Where is your skirt?"
Such blind souls
Those creatures who have
To file people into boxes.
They should see through my eyes.
See your strength,
Your ambition,
See you bite your lip
And the cheer of victory
As you reach the highest branch.
And then the consolation,
The victors gift
As I climb up beside you
And we kiss, a lover's moment.
"I have won!" You declare.
"I am the better climber!"
"And what have you won?" I ask.

Hear it:


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