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C.C. Hogan

The Young of the Plains

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"I am ready, Berry. I know I am!"

Dragons normally don't learn to fly till they are in their twenties, and some of the huge Red Dragons not until their early thirties. It is all about strength. Their wings are not fully developed till older and their muscles not up to the job. When you can live anything up to eight hundred or more years, it seems hardly to matter.

Once every few generations, a dragon is born who develops a little more quickly. Perhaps they are small but strong for their age. Maybe their wings seem to be in a rush. But if the right things happen early enough, the young dragon just can't help themselves. They have to try!

The Young of the Plains tells the story of a fifteen-year-old red dragon, a Draig Mynyth Coh, called Be-Lonitta and her thirteen-year-old friend Se-Berina.  Be-Lonitta is a chirpy, flighty young dragon, the daughter of Be-Alene, a dragon from Dirt series two. When she and her friend sneak off to the ridge over looking the desert plain, the young dragon slips and falls from the cliff. She has no choice; she has to try to fly.

So begins an adventure that will start with secret flying lessons and end with a dramatic rescue.

I have written this story aimed at not just the usual readers of my fantasy Dirt, but also for younger readers of perhaps ten and above. Why should they not enjoy the wonderful dragons of Dirt?

Initially, it is in audio form on YouTube and will be released chapter by chapter as I find the time. Chapter one is below.

Chapter One - Falling

Introducing you to the world of Dirt and introducing our young heroes.

Chapter Two - Two Young Spies

Wishing to learn more about flying, Be-Lonitta and Se-Berina spy on the desert dragon training camp near their village.

Chapter Three - A Real Mission

Shocked by what they discover at the woodland village, the two decide to chase after the kidnappers.

Chapter Four - Two Hearts

They are welcomed into the Pharsil-Hin camp where they are told an ancient tale that helps them with their own quest.

Chapter Five - The Ancient Ruins

Our two young heroes set off before dawn to find the ancient ruins in the desert and hopefully the kidnapped children. But things don't go as planned and Se-Berina finds herself in terrible trouble.




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