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C.C. Hogan

Random Love and Moments

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A selection of verses that randomly play with love and other ideas. Mostly untitled but all very much by me.

Drinking Rum
is like making love
Drink it fast
And you shiver inside
Drink it slow
And you're smiling wide

You pressed a button
When you smiled at me
And now I am all yours
Just you wait and see!

Soft smile touch love
Gentle warm morning sun
Shine down on you and me and say
I love you on this precious day

Sleepy eyes, wine crusted
Staring at words, undusted
Another chapter, another verse
More editing yet, roll in my hearse!

To share is not to know
To know is not to understand
To understand it not to see
To see is not to love

What use is love, if not to share?
What use are possessions, if not to touch?
And without a companion?
Not even loneliness can be shared...

And now I really must put away my words
Let them softly sleep till morn cries loud
And from my fuddled mind of dreaming still
I walk again in my paper crowd

For night will truly sooth and refresh the lake
Of playful verse and mournful words
And my characters will dance once more released
As I let them fly up with the birds

So softly we walk
In old autumn's dew
As the green washes free
Leaving rich golden hue

The warmth of the air
Is leaving us now
So we huddle so near
Leaning close, brow to brow

A kiss as the sun
Glows so red in the west
Dark fragrant leaves
Across mother's breast

No youth of spring
But maturity's charm
That the fall will bring love
As a warm, breathless calm

Blues is the devil's song
Listening all day long
Go on, angels, boogie down right
Cos I'm playing blues every night

Mother cursed, you demon son
Playing blues will see you done
Mother mine, go scream elsewhere
Cos my girl is dancing with flaxen hair

Piano keys are ivory breath
As the song keeps me far from death
Devil's come and demons go
While my words entwine the musical flow

Yes, Blues is the devil's song
And I will sing it loud and long
A whiskey strong and my golden strings
A slide, a smile, and the final bell rings

That hurt!
No, I'll move first
Mind my lip!
No I don't share
You sure this is love?
Sticky love!
Next time,
Get rid of the gum first!

Silent whisperer
Touching closed eyes
With morning lips
One kiss on each
As I smile
Lost in memories

That is where you are
Beside me, ahead of me
Behind me, inside me
Where else would I want you
But Everywhere?

I awake to a verse
Love's gentle words kiss me
Through my expectant screen
The lover's face unknown, unseen

Sunny love
From above
Warms my girl
Sweet like toffee
Lovely dawn
full of yawns
A little cuddle
And lots of coffee

I need a hug!
I am out of words
Out of breath
Need to be inspired
To find new chords
So, anyone who care
Please give me a hug!


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