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C.C. Hogan

Poem - Sex-Free Wednesdays

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It is in the middle,
A space in between
The moments experienced
And never obscene

We had lust at the Weekend
We are planning our next
Saving our pennies
Sent naughty texts

Did you phone the client?
Meeting on Thursday
Tax return Friday?
Send it next monday

Saturday’s best
Sex in the morning!
Guilt on a Sunday?
Get lost, that's a warning!

Tuesday is proper
TV’s best thrillers
But we bonked on the sofa
Used Catchup for chillers

Monday was quieter
Not our best, off my game
Do better next week?
Love you lots, feel no shame

Thursdays and Fridays
Loving like rabbits
A lot to catch up on
Good wine and bad habits

But today’s a day off
A break from the pressure
Of work, sex and play
Payment and pleasure

Just kiss for the moment
Our loins much sated
Though dream of tomorrow
With breaths ready bated

Yes, bloody Wednesdays!
But I need them too
To rest from your tempting
And visit the zoo.


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