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C.C. Hogan

On the Dragons of Dirt

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Growing Apart

By the time of the first series of Dirt, dragon and human relations have reached an all-time low.  Callistons have diminished in numbers hugely and are now only living in a few isolated communities.

There have always been far fewer dragons than humans.  Humans live short lives and have many children, but dragons live hundreds of years and might have only one or two children; most will have none.  While humans built towns and grew empires on the back of devastating wars, dragons continued to live a peaceful, unwarlike existence, keeping as far as possible from the seemingly murderous humans. 

The Draig Morglas Fren-Eirol
The Draig Morglas Fren-Eirol

When we start our story, dragons have become so isolated that apart from the unique town of Ponack in the Sand Hills, dragons have almost nothing to do with human society at all.  Indeed, most humans have never even seen one.  The rare exception is in places like Wead-Wodder where Fren-Eirol and the sea dragons still keep a working, if tense, relationship with the town.  It is probably not surprising that in series two, set five hundred years after the dragons have left completely, many humans think they never even existed.

But why are dragons so different?  Why are they much more peaceful than humans?  Indeed, why do they not start wars?

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