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C.C. Hogan

Lines I enjoyed writing

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I hope I often write well and that my work reads well, but just occasionally I am extra proud of a line or a phrase or a short section; it is not that it is especially beautiful or uses clever words, but it just works.

Here are a selection:

 Silvi wiped away a tear angrily and walked over to the kneeling corpse of her friend. “We will honour you, Deffane. We will honour you and all of them. Sir Nolenn, where is the King?”

“Further up the valley. He is waiting with the scouts.”

“Be-Elin, take me to him," she said to the dragon. "Nolenn, we need everyone left standing to get to Sir Hal and Mennon, they are outnumbered.”

“Silvi, we have just fought a battle.”

“Which will mean nothing if they are then all bloody well killed too!” She jumped up on Be-Elin. “We honour him, Nolenn,” she shouted. “We honour them all by wiping these bastards off the map!” Be-Elin’s defiant roar was so loud as she leapt into the air with Silvi stood high on her back that Nolenn flinched backwards.

“What crime have we committed?” he said to no one. “What did we get so wrong that makes such beautiful people so angry?”

Richard Lane was not a milkman by conviction...


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