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C.C. Hogan

The Sun Will Never Set

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I could put this song down to getting older and thinking of love in a different way, but I know that is not true.

Even when I was a teen, there was nothing better than just spending time with my girlfriend. It didn't have to be about fiery passion or lust, though that happened too.

The time I enjoyed most was when we just sat in the park talking rubbish or going to see offbeat films at cinemas that none of our friends went to.

I got that again many years later with a very special girlfriend who was French. She loved to take me to French films and try to pretend the subtitles were not there.  The line in the song about the favourite movie is about her.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you will feel the same as one of the reviewers on ReverbNation who said, "Makes me feel like I'm falling in love all over again."


I dreamed of the ocean
I dreamed of summer days
I dreamed of walking in starlight
I dreamed of you
I walked through the rain storm
Grey streets running with shame
I knocked at your door
I'd like to see you today


Cos I know if it's right
It will be sunny all night
And I know when we touch
The sun will rise forever
And I'll be here in the morn
When you open your eyes
Cos the sun will never set again
While you love me

I sat at a table
Pushed the froth from my cup
Stood and left a single penny
Cos you weren't there
Went to see our favourite movie
That you've never seen
Will you come with me tomorrow
I'd gladly see it again


I woke up this morning
Felt a hair across my face
Knew you were there beside me
Sleeping still
I opened the window
The clouds were blowing away
I woke you up gently
Can I spend this day with you



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