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C.C. Hogan

Sun Will Never Set is featured this week

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W/C 11th April - My song, The Sun Will Never Set, is being featured on the crowd picks section of #ReverbNation

I am very much the new kid (old bloke?) at @ReverbNation, so it has been great fun being featured this week.

So far I have picked up a nice bunch of plays and a little gaggle of new fans.

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It has been a great way of finding new music too - not just seeing who else is featured, but listening to the music of some of the fans.

A couple of people have really stood out for me. 

One is Erisa Rei, who looks amazingly like a girlfriend of mine from when I was a kid in the 70s! However, more importantly, Erisa also is a talented artist and you should really check her out.

Cat Ridgeway is another artist whose voice I love. She is writing good songs and performs them brilliantly.

She also plays the harmonica, which always gets my vote. (I must practice more)




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