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C.C. Hogan

It is so nice to get back into music

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Feeling so much better about my music

Two things are going on with me at the moment, both musical. 

Firstly, I am enjoying getting my songs out through @ReverbNation for others to hear.

Years and years ago, I had the chance to have a music career, but one way or another I got sidetracked and ended up the other side of the recording desk. My music since that time has been a mixture of professional composing for advertising and the odd open mic. Oh, and the occasional song put somewhere.

Since I have been on ReverbNation (just a few weeks) I have had some really great comments from people and I think that although I am turning grey, I should do something more serious. Get this show on the road.

But there is a spin off too which I am loving. I have found some new, young artists, especially some young women singers and writers, who are doing wonderful things. Some are very polished, some are all over the place, but full of promise.

It has just been brilliant to watch and to hear what they have been up to, listen to their songs and their wonderful singing; so much better than mine much of the time.

This week I have been featured through the ReverbNation crowd pick system. The result is that I am number one in my category on local, regional and national charts. Now, this is not like becoming a hit and I know a lot of it is that I have been able to bring a lot of my book fans with me, but it still feels good.

But, it is important that I respond.

I have several songs up my sleeve that I need to work on. So I will spend the next few months getting those out and also putting an album together, hopefully in time for my next feature which starts on the 4th of July - great timing for #Americana - and will feature my song, Little Island Girl.

And then? Well, it depends on money.

I want to buy a new guitar and get hold of an amp and then do some solo gigs. They will be a mixture of my stuff and standards that I love like Willing from Little Feat and numbers by The Band, John Martyn and JJ Cale. 

This could take a while because of the cost, but also I am crap at learning lyrics - this might take me some time before I am happy enough to take it out there!

Wish me luck and follow me on ReverbNation - I need all the encouragement I can get.

Listen to This

A couple of young artists who are starting out on this long climb:

First is Madison Mueller who is just getting herself going.

And here is Ally Rose. She is from New York State and is just twelve! Good luck to her.



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