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C.C. Hogan

I Hear Your Voice

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I have a special friend who has a couple of daughters. I can't remember why, now, but I wrote them a silly poem about going to the zoo.

The eldest, who was only ten, sent me a little video to say thank you. On it, she sang a song that she made up as she stood there. It was only a couple of lines, but it was very clever and so much better than a boring thank you note.

It is impossible to hear something like that without smiling. Something about the simplicity and honesty of it will always make people feel good.

So I wrote a song about exactly that. Being fed up at the world, but cheering up when "I hear your voice."

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Not every day is beautiful
Not every day is bright
Sometimes my smile fades away
And I wallow in the night

I cannot always laugh
I cannot always believe
And sometimes my doubts
Make me want to stand and leave

But then I hear your voice
See your small but happy smile
And I stop and calm myself
And I listen for a while
For the message you sent to me
The simple words you sung
Gives me hope in my darkest hour
That the world has just begun

It rained so long today
Grey lines running down the window
Disturbing the world beyond
I've never felt so low

The cracking voice declared
A vote for something quite useless
So I wrote more silly lines
Prizing hope from my distress

But then I hear your voice…

I dressed so very slowly
Dark colours are all I own
They keep me locked in shadows
I'm safely alone

My hat protects my head
From the stares of other ghosts
Lines of people walking fast
Pretending they're not lost

But then I hear your voice…

We all need to have someone
Who is wrapped in innocence
That loves without a second thought
As if from heaven sent
And we all must stop and listen
When they hold us so near
And whisper simple words of joy
That drives away the fear

I drew back the curtains
The dust fell to the floor
I cannot shake your song
From where it's burned into my core

I threw my hat away
Stood naked in the light
Held steady by your smiling face
I ran from the fight

Cos I hear your voice…


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