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Dirt - The incredible new Fantasy Saga

When Johnson Farthing wakes up to find his sister kidnapped by slavers, so begins a desperate chase on the back of an incredible Sea Dragon that will see him catapulted from poverty into a continent spanning war.

Series one plus the prelude to series 2 is out now.

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Uncomplicated Friendship

A song about simple friendship. No questions, no demands, just kind of being there when someone needs you to be - even if it is across the world.

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Roslyn Gilmour Stripped Bare

It would seem that even when the characters in a story are safely distant in another dimension, they can still find their way into the mind and soul of the author; with or without permission. Perhaps this is the fault of the author; if you insist on creating a machine that allows your characters access to your head, maybe you should not be surprised when they use it. Isn't that right, Roslyn?

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Shakespeare and the Fantasy Writer

As we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death, I cannot help but think about how his writing and his approach to the human condition influenced fantasy writers around the world - including me!

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Mary Anne Yarde Stripped Bare

The chill of an ancient world wraps around the fortress as the Mary Anne Yarde, author, lover of history, finds herself in the stark, unforgiving stones of Benwick Castle. A land of her own making, the setting of her novel, The Du Lac Chronicles, she now confronts the former King of Cerniw in a most unusual audience.

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EM Kaplan Stripped Bare

Imagine the scene: A train station in the afternoon in some forgotten town in the USA. The café is quiet, the only sounds are a gentle muttering from an elderly couple and a chink-clink as an aproned waiter polishes the ancient, stained tea cups. A woman, displaying a qualified level nervousness, stands in the doorway and bites her lip.

The Author EM Kaplan is about to meet the character from her acclaimed mysteries; Miss Josie Tucker.

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I was called cute today

Two poems about the girls at the burger van. One who makes the burgers quietly, watching the customers without judgement and the other who chatters and manages to surprise me often. Clever girl.

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The Grammarly Word Plugin

I have been using Grammarly for a little while now and it has been a mixed experience. Although the online editor is well reviewed and the Chrome plugin is useful, the Word Plugin has some serious issues and is probably of no use for the serious writer.

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Dirt - Planning the Next Huge Saga

I can't help myself; I woke up in the middle of the night and realised I had started writing the sequel, or perhaps the prequel, to Dirt.

Set seven thousand years earlier, it is a very different book...

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Why you should have a dedicated site for each book

All authors should have an author website where you can promote your books and build a relationship with readers and other writers with a blog.

But not many authors go that one step further and create a dedicated website for each book or series of books. Is this important? I think it is, and this is why.

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Brand new covers for the fantasy Dirt

January 2016 and after a lot of hard work, I have now released new covers for series one of my massive fantasy saga, Dirt.

New dragons, new maps, new backgrounds and a stronger, richer feel. All are now uploaded, though they may not show up immediately in all areas.

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Another Day In Writer Land

When the alarm goes off the brave writer is faced by a number of choices. Most of them revolve around caffeine.

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How to Design a Dragon

I am doing my own artwork at the moment - it is purely for economic reasons - but when it comes to working out the ins and outs of a dragon, the process goes far beyond simply what they look like.

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When Be-Eirol first met Mab-Aneirin and Weasel

Long before Johnson Farthing was born and the beginning of the tale that is told in series one of Dirt, the dragon Fren-Eirol was young, opinionated and had yet to meet either her pairing Aneirin or the annoying magician Weasel.

Until that is she visited the Catre Sarad on the small but dramatic isle of Taken in the Yonder Sea...

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Drunk Verse - A poets life

The struggles of a poet to connect to his muse. Or perhaps climb out of his bottle. Close call...

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Dirt - Out Now!

The brand new High Fantasy from CC Hogan.

Check out the website A World Called Dirt 

Dirt - series one, book one


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