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C.C. Hogan

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People of Dirt

This is more than a hidden gem of a series, this is the whole freaking diamond mine!

"Seriously, if you are unsure about investing your time in a series that has many books, forget that, try book one and go from there. They are intense, eloquently detailed, yet not stuffy or stiff, and the dragons, you will love the dragons! C.C. Hogan even does his own covers and they relate perfectly to each book! Now that is an author who has invested himself in entertaining the world"

Tome Tender

Yona and the Beast

"I love to attention to detail C. C. Hogan shows in his writing. As he says, he loves his characters and you can tell by the love THEY show. These books are based on a most interesting concept world. They're well written and are easy to read due to their wonderful flow of words and ideas. I highly recommend this book and all the Dirt books to anyone interested in a different twist in fantasy fiction writing!"

Croitiene ganMoryn


A writer with a vision and the skill to realize it

"C.C.Hogan is a new writer for me and he's been a revelation. He starts his story small and then it keeps growing and growing both in length and depth. His characters grow and there is always something new to reveal about them as the story progresses. He creates unforgettable personalities rich and interesting. He spreads his story on a large or rather a huge canvas in a world that he consistently reveals bit by bit"

Jenny K

The Stink

"The things that went down in the 70s and as a different planet. It was something alright. Crazy, fun, exciting, a new decade to think about. Its a perfect read if you want to try something a little different. Fun and interesting all the way through!"

Serenity Lovely Reads


"Crossing lands making friends and enemies alike. In a land full of dragons, mythical creatures and variety of animals, meeting a warlock/wizard who is 1000 years old, befriending a water dragon along the way. This story full of fantastical creatures and animals.  With exciting adventure, drama, romance and fantasy, it’s an epic first novel in the Dirt series, it leaves you wondering what’s in store for these characters in the next book."

Oh My Bookness

Dirt - the fantasy by CC Hogan


"This story is multi-layered and there are so many layers that it really is an in-depth read.  Yes, you can read the surface and understand what happens, but when you really dig deep you realise that there are so many more layers, and most of them have social implications.  Oh you thought it was going to be an easy read without having to think, well it can be, or it can be a look at our society and honestly what we are doing wrong, and how there are those that bridge the divide between the different races, species, economic status, heck even gender."

Fangfreakintastic Reviews


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