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Tutorial: Creating a Fantasy Map
Creating a map for your fantasy world is far more than giving your readers a helpful, absorbing bit or artwork on the inside cover of your book, it is about making your world make sense and is a vital part of planning. This tutorial is not trying to turn you into an artist, but talk through one way of creating maps that will help you bring life to your work
Planning a Trilogy or Saga
There is a ton of advice out there about how to plan your novel, develop your characters and generally get yourself organised. But what if you are not just writing a book but an entire saga, a series, a trilogy on steroids? How the hell do you plan that? This is what I have learned....
Free OneNote Novel Template
I have decided to clean up and release the OneNote notebook template I use for planning Novels. OneNote is perfect for this kind of work and is now free - how kind. This is the March 2020 version.