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Lost in my Own World
I am currently in the middle of my attempt at fantasy. Actually I am over half a million words into it and going strong. But it does beg the question of whether my own fantasy world is somehow better than the real world. Quite worrying, indeed.
Using Onenote for your Novel
Onenote has been part of Microsoft Office for years, but now it is available free as a download. I am writing a huge fantasy saga at the moment and Onenote has been the perfect tool for planning everything about my novels and keeping my head together
Using Word for Writing a Novel
I know not everyone uses Word for writing a novel, but a lot of people do. So here are some very basic tips that might come in useful for those starting out on the novel writing mountain.
The Joy of the Readthrough
There is nothing better than sitting down and reading through your own writing, polishing it while revisiting the joys and the heartbreak, the intrigue and twists hand in hand with your characters