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Does Your Dragon Wear Clothes?
There are two sorts of dragon in fiction, broadly speaking; dumb beasts that screech and have an orc sitting on top of them and eat princesses and ones with interesting senses of humour voiced by such luminaries as Sean Connery and Sir John Hurt. But if a dragon is an intelligent, well spoken and such literate fellow, why would they be running around in the nude and living in damp nasty caves?
Mapping out your incredible journey
Whether you are writing a fantasy, a city thriller or a personal introspective journey, trying to get the timing of the events right is crucial. Knowing how long it takes to get from A-B and how long anyone spends in any one place, could effect the weather, their mood, what they see, feel, hear, everything
The Doomsayer Journeys by Steve Wetherell
A brilliant comedy sci-fi series bought to idiotic life by CC Hogan. This has been fun, not just work!