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Interview with C.C. Hogan - myself
One of the problems with being a complete nobody is that no one ever asks nobodies for interviews. That is not surprising really since who would want to read about a nobody? Still, I fancied being interviewed and since I have been in the media for years, I decided to do it myself. Thoroughly shameless.
EM Kaplan Stripped Bare
Imagine the scene: A train station in the afternoon in some forgotten town in the USA. The café is quiet, the only sounds are a gentle muttering from an elderly couple and a chink-clink as an aproned waiter polishes the ancient, stained tea cups. A woman, displaying a qualified level nervousness, stands in the doorway and bites her lip. The Author EM Kaplan is about to meet the character from her acclaimed mysteries; Miss Josie Tucker.
Roslyn Gilmour Stripped Bare
It would seem that even when the characters in a story are safely distant in another dimension, they can still find their way into the mind and soul of the author; with or without permission. Perhaps this is the fault of the author; if you insist on creating a machine that allows your characters access to your head, maybe you should not be surprised when they use it. Isn't that right, Roslyn?
Could Amazon improve their service for Independent Authors?
Following an email from myself to the KDP team at Amazon, they have reduced the first book in my new Fantasy series Dirt to zero so it is permanently free. This is crucial part of my sell, because as an author it is one of the few marketing techniques I can afford to help sell my whole series. It made me think about the Amazon KDP offering and how it could be improved to help Amazon, Authors and the vital readers.
Mary Anne Yarde Stripped Bare
The chill of an ancient world wraps around the fortress as the Mary Anne Yarde, author, lover of history, finds herself in the stark, unforgiving stones of Benwick Castle. A land of her own making, the setting of her novel, The Du Lac Chronicles, she now confronts the former King of Cerniw in a most unusual audience.