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C.C. Hogan

Planning a Trilogy or Saga

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Writing the Plot

The Plot

I have found that writing the plot for a saga is different from writing the plot for a  novel, at least it has more stages or layers.

With a novel I am about to publish, the initial plot was two sets of notes (one for the main plot and one for the sub plot) and these I then fleshed out before writing.

With my Saga I had to take a grander view and break it into layers.

Layer 1

This was my overall idea for all the books. Really it is not a plot at all but a description of the time and place in which the saga is set and what I would like to see change because of the influence of the story and the characters.  This is probably the most set-in-stone of all my layers.

Layer 2

This layer takes layer one and breaks it into series and standalone books. This has more detail than the first layer, enough so the plot is discernable and I start introducing important characters and my list of who survives. I also map out a very broad timeline - at least when the books start and finish.

Layer 3

This layer is for the books themselves.  Really, this is my synopsis for each book and is probably three of four pages long.  Although not as set-in-stone as the other layers, concepts introduced here are highly likely to carry on into not just other books in the series but other books in the entire saga.

Layer 4

And now I am down to the chapter breakdowns.  These I write just before I write the chapter itself and I double check all my ideas against all my notes and especially against what I have written in the previous three layers. I write this in a far more chatty style and let my imagination run away with itself and if I introduce anything at this stage which is going to echo down the line, I go and add it to the appropriate parent layer. Copying and Pasting is a wonderful tool!

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