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Audiobook Articles and Resources

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As I have worked on my articles, others have pointed me in the direction of various useful resources. The list is beginning to grow a bit, so I am going to list them here. They are a bit random at the moment, but when I get a few more I will make more sense of them!

If there are any suggestions you have, please put them in the comments.

How to Avoid 3 Costly Mistakes on ACX

Karen Commins

"I was delighted to read a case study today on the blog about Glen Tate’s success with appearing on podcasts and selling more audiobooks as a result. However, his persistent promotion of his audiobook editions is only one part of his success. Even more important is the fact that he avoided 3 costly mistakes that many authors make when using ACX"

Karen’s Primer on Narrating Royalty Share Audiobooks

Karen Commins

"One of my mentors, who is a prolific and award-winning audiobook narrator, advised me that it’s better to be working on spec than to be idle. Working on spec enables you to build your portfolio and hone your craft as a narrator."

The Secrets of Preventing Mouth Clicks in Voiceover Recordings

Hugh Edwards

This article aims to help voiceover artists with the much-complained-about problem of mouth clicks on voiceover recordings.

Second Opinion file checker

Steven Jay Cohen

This little utility for Max and Windows is for checking that all your files meet specifications for ACX. Simply point it at a directory where you final masters are (normally in WAV form), and it will check the RMS, the peaks, the amount of silence front and end, whether there is a retailer sample in there and so on. Very quick and useful. It doesn't work with MP3 files.

ACX Narrators and Producers Facebook Group

This is a closed group for discussing working on audiobooks. To become a member you need to have an ACX profile. Click on join and an admin will ask you for the link to your profile and then let you join.

Very good and friendly advice to be had in there with members with every level of experience. 

Findaway Voices Facebook Group

A newer group for voices who are working with Findaway Voices.  You must be signed up to Findaway.

Advice for Authors from the Narrator Ray Greenly

Ray Greenly has written two useful articles on Louise Harnby's blog. These are aimed at helping authors understand how to get their book recorded, what they should look for and some idea of the costs involved.

How do I create an Audiobook? This introduces authors to how ACX works.

How good is my audio? This is to help authors judge the quality of the recording that good narrators produce and looks at a hybrid contract that minimizes risk.

Is it worth it to make an audiobook?

A rather wonderful arithmetical journey into the ins and outs of making an audiobook and the financial implications. A must read!


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