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C.C. Hogan

C.C. Hogan - Author

Series 2 - Girls of Dirt

Set 500 years after the first series, with brand new characters and some well-loved names from the first books, this is a story about the women of Dirt and the dragons that become their friends.  Strong female leads, a wonderful tale. Coming soon: Dragons of Dirt and the dramatic People of Dirt.

Includes a recap of series one.

Get it now!

writing blog

Lines I enjoyed writing

I hope I often write well and that my work reads well.

Just occasionally I am extra proud of a line or a phrase or a short section; it is not that it is especially beautiful or uses clever words, but it just works.

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How long should the build up to a battle be?

As I work my way to an important battle in my current book, I am pondering over how much build up I should have before swords are drawn and the blood-bath gets going.

It is an interesting puzzle because it brings home the emotional response to war and death in a way that just shouting "go" doesn't.

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Fantasy Recipe: Rough, Chunky Tavern Bread

Well, I have already covered soup and stew, but in your crackling warm tavern in your fantasy world, one of the mainstays of the food offering is bread.

Not for us is that pappy cotton wool rubbish sold by supermarkets, but a fresh, crunchy, rippable, herb-filled wonder that you could almost dunk in your beer!

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Do your fantasy heroes care for the common man?

As much as I enjoyed Lord of the Rings and even Eddings' Belgariad, I was always puzzled by the fact that when the heroes won the war, what the people ended up with was an absolute monarchy with no votes and no say. It may have even been Feudal.

So, if we are lovers of democratic rights, should this appear in our writing?

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Fantasy Recipe: Hot Tavern Smoked Soup

One of the things we miss in the modern gastro pub is the big bowl of spicy soup, a hunk of bread and a big frothy beer.

In poor communities, as you get to pumpkin season, vegetable soups flavoured with a bit of fat and perhaps a bit of peppers and chilli were a warming treat that would be welcome in any tavern. Well, here is a recipe...

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Interview with C.C. Hogan - myself

One of the problems with being a complete nobody is that no one ever asks nobodies for interviews.

That is not surprising really since who would want to read about a nobody? Still, I fancied being interviewed and since I have been in the media for years, I decided to do it myself. Thoroughly shameless.

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Monkey Number 100030338732 - NOW was FREE!

For just five days starting today, my ebook of short stories is FREE.

Yep, Reduced to nothing, nada, zero on Amazon for Kindle - click below to find out more

Note: No longer free - but reasonable!

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What do you use for writing inspiration?

I am not talking about your muse, whoever he/she is (oh, I would love a muse!), or the bloke you saw sitting on the train, or the dead tortoise you tripped over, I am talking what you surround yourself with.

Sustenance, flavours, moments of joy. What is yours?

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Should you have Sex in your Story?

Just about every book has some level of romance in it, even if it simple someone hankering after some romance. But should your story have sex scenes?

Sometimes it seems that there is more and more pressure to put at least a bit of graphic content in books. But are we doing ourselves any favours.

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Useful Word Alternatives for Writers

I am often getting stuck on yet another way to describe something that is beautiful or running out of sensible alternatives to "she said" during complicated dialogue.

So, on this page, I am going to collect together some useful lists that I have found to help us all along.

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Blogs and Useful Websites

Just thought I would put down some random websites that I have found that I like.

I am avoiding any sites selling self promotion in exchange for giving them money for self promoting themselves. Also, avoiding those selling twitter followers, or anything else which leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

If you think I should list a site, tell me on Twitter by following me or something.

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Mapping out your incredible journey

Whether you are writing a fantasy, a city thriller or a personal introspective journey, trying to get the timing of the events right is crucial.

Knowing how long it takes to get from A-B and how long anyone spends in any one place, could effect the weather, their mood, what they see, feel, hear, everything

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How fast do they go in my fantasy world?

It is a recurring problem this; how fast is my army, wagon, horse, dragon, bloke on foot going to travel across my land in my story?

In fantasy, of course, they can travel any speed you like with a wave of a wand. But what happens if we want to make it a little closer to real life? Well, research time!

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Fantasy Recipe: Mutton Stew

This is the first in a very occasional series of recipes that might fit in with your fantasy tavern.

This one is a basic stew than can be made with mutton or beef, cooks slowly all morning and can be kept warm over the fire for the landlady to serve up with bread

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Series One & Two are out now!

Start series one with Dirt for Free, and start reading the brand new series two with Girls of Dirt for only 99p!

Girls of Dirt includes a recap of series one.

Get it now at the Dirt website


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